Why should painting be an essential part of cryogenic tank maintenance?

Do your cryogenic bulk tanks have rust? It might be time for a fresh coat of paint. Here are 2 reasons why painting is so important.

Red Rust on side of horizontal cryogenic storage tank

Cryogenic tank painting goes beyond making bulk tanks look nice; it is a necessary service that keeps your equipment operating soundly and customers happy.

While cryogenic tanks are built to withstand extreme temperatures and years of wear & tear, the outer finish is vulnerable to the environment. Moss, algae, water, and dirt can cause severe damage in terms of corrosion & customer relations.

The outer coating is vulnerable to environmental elements (temperature, weather, dirt & algae).

That last thing that any maintenance tech of a cryogenic tank wants to hear is “there is a leak in the tank.” Corrosion due to environmental elements is a primary concern for causing leakage. The outer coating is the primary defense against rust & corrosion. Even a small chip in the paint can be detrimental to the structure and longevity of a cryogenic tank. Thus, a cryogenic tank needs regular repainting & coating to prevent rust issues & prolong its life span.

Cryogenic tank painting is not only about proper maintenance on a tank, but also about keeping up good customer relationships.

A clean, well-coated tank shows a well-run business, while a rusty, dirty tank alludes to being a neglectful & uncaring business. Remember: appearance is everything for a customer. Overall, tank painting is a cost-effective & easy way to maintain strong customer relationships.

Regular painting is a part of tank maintenance & crucial to customers’ happiness. 

It preserves structural integrity so you can avoid costly repairs & replacements. Additionally, customers are given a view into the operations of your business through the well-maintained outer appearance of the tank. Cryogenic tank painting is an essential part of your business.

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