Elements of a Successful Operations Team

Meet the Brio Services Operation Team

Operation Coordinators, Melissa & David, take some time to discuss their role at Brio Services. They highlight their favorite projects and how they approach a new project. 


Here is what they had to say:


What does the Operations Team do? 


As the operations team, we get our projects or assignments from Sales. Our sales team talks to you to finalize the job, but after that, the job gets passed over to us.


How do you approach a project? 


As part of the operations team, we make things happen; anything from painting, washing, special projects, or rebranding. Safety is always our number one priority. We have guys all over the US and they need to be safe in order to perform the work you have for us. We take safety very seriously. We want to make sure that these jobs get done according to high standards. 


You want to have certain things that you can't compromise so those things will always be safety, communication, and quality. By not compromising those items, we get projects done. 


Tell about a favorite project


One of my favorite projects has been a rebranding project. It was a big deal for us. When you start out you want to itemize the things you want to accomplish or the procedures. we need to communicate so everybody knows what we are doing, that it gets done and it gets reported. You repeat the last couple of steps a couple of times. 


The beast is when you actually have to do. for this project, we needed to rebrand around 5,000 tanks at all different sites and locations. So that means around at least 5,000 calls or more because you have to schedule and return calls and all of that. It was a lot of work but our dedication to our customers would not be compromised.


We are celebrating 20 years and are international now. We are taking our quality and passion to a bigger level. We hope that you can trust and rely on us. 


Thank you David & Melissa for taking the time to talk about the values of the Brio Services’ Operation Team.